OXIO® Health, Inc. Announces Licensing of New 24th Patent

OXIO® Health, Inc. Announces Licensing of New 24th Patent

Greenacres, Florida, USA (May 12, 2021) – OXIO Health, Inc.® (“OXIO”) announced today that it has just licensed a new patent titled: Dynamic Episodic Network.



The Dynamic Episodic Network patent further solidifies the Company’s position as an innovation center, and it significantly advances the Company closer to completing its “core” Intellectual Property (IP), which defines its “Technology-Infused Healthcare” model. This patent joins a cadre of other patents that each define critical technology interfaces supporting remote patient monitoring and care, data analytics for patient and population health, healthcare data management and processing, augmented reality, artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain.

This patent completes another portion of the core healthcare delivery model by providing a key link with both the AI patents, predictive medicine, and what the Company calls its ‘secret weapon,’ the QX2/QX3 patents. These patents focus on population and individual wellness through the management of de-identified patient and population data that provide the basis to create a type of “FICO” wellness score for individuals or population segments.

The Dynamic Episodic Network patent extends the concepts advanced by the QX2/QX3, as well as other patents further by defining unique and critical “episodes” or sequences that exist prior to many patient incidents, including a hypoglycemic attack, Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) or for example, a myocardial infarction (MI or heart attack). At the macro level, the patent defines methods to extend the “episode” concept to the outbreak of an infectious disease in a population based on real-time population health data. In both cases, patient and population, the Dynamic Episodic Network patent methodology provides an early predictive alert, as well as the ability to add prescriptive methods for intervention based on the circumstances and metrics of the incident.

The application of this patent, to the Company’s patient care management model, provides the ability to create a higher quality of life at reduced healthcare cost per patient because severe, even life-threatening incidents, can be predicted and interrupted before advancing to a point where higher cost emergency treatment is required. In turn, this provides for a much higher revenue per patient due to the higher net savings in healthcare cost with lower care management labor.

In the case of the prediction of a health-related incident in a population, the overall population wellness is better managed because the spread of an infectious disease, virus or other population health-related hazard can be more easily identified, interrupted and negated.


According to OXIO’s President, Carl Larsen, “we are elated at the addition of this long-awaited patent to our growing and robust IP portfolio. The Dynamic Episodic Network patent ties in a key touch point in our “Technology-Infused Healthcare” model that provides the “episode or incident management” relating to either an individual patient or a population. A major goal of the OXIO’s “ecosystem” is ensuring individual and population wellness through improved quality of care and lower healthcare cost. Our vision is supported by our own proven EHR (PWeR®), advanced patient care management and physician practice management, with the asset strength of real estate for physician practices; all areas that we have direct experience owning and managing.”

Mr. Larsen went on to state, “The adoption of the Dynamic Episodic Patent, into the OXIO IP portfolio, provides a footprint in the healthcare space unrivaled by any competitor and will support the creation of a Healthcare Ecosystem that is not just used, driven or even enabled by technology, but rather infused with the proper technology in every key area.”

About OXIO Health®, Inc.

OXIO Health, Inc. is a new, multifaceted healthcare innovations company that realized the delivery of care and medical technology had to undergo substantial change to address the needs of the population in the latter half of the 21st Century. These changes require more value, improved quality and lower cost, factors that are elusive in today’s healthcare ‘system.’ The Company’s management team realized that a true paradigm shift in healthcare delivery was needed to address the nearly exponentially expanding needs of a population of 10,000 persons turning age 65 daily for the next decade, creating an addressable market mushrooming at the rate of $150M per day!

OXIO management brings more than 30 years of deep, hands on experience in nearly every segment of healthcare delivery, technology development, and facilities construction and management. Healthcare in the U.S. has become a $3.5 trillion industry forecast to reach over $6 trillion by 2030. We have assembled the best systems in our “ecosystem” and are driven to be change agents in this industry; an industry that has resisted change for 50 years. However, the lessons-learned from the COVID-19 pandemic has made patients, providers and payors receptive to the changes OXIO is creating.

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