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About us

About Us

CareWork Clinics, Inc. is a vertically integrated designer, developer, manager and owner exclusively of freestanding medical, ancillary and wellness facilities in Florida.

Healthcare has entered a new renaissance in which the where, how and who provides care to patients is viewed in a new way. The days of unresponsive, dark institutional facilities are over; and today, patients are demanding a new environment and experience that provides a feeling of wellness and coordinated care. This Clinic must also deliver a  terrific work environment for caregivers and those that heal us, inspire us and work with us towards total wellness. New patient expectations require new facilities to infuse total care, cutting edge technology with a personalized “Very Important Patient” approach to healing mind, body and spirit. We are designing, building and operating such inspirational facilities of healing and soulful expansion.

Company Profile

Healthcare for the future – serving communities, providers and patients


For more than 40 years, we’ve been passionate about achieving better results for our clients.

At CWC, we bring together the rare combination of both developer/builder and healthcare system/facility operations. We are experts in acquiring raw land and finishing with a totally equipped medical facility. Our experience is from infrastructure to health information systems and providing the systems needed for providers of care to practice the “art, science and technology of wellness™” to their patients. Few have that kind of tactical feel for the business of medicine – especially independent care providers.
We see the traditional medical office building (MOB) as obsolete and in our post-COVID world, even more so. Those institutional buildings and dark corridors, where one door looks like another, is the model of the 1960s, not the 21st century. We see a much more modern, efficient and patient-centered approach. We also see providers spending a great deal of resources and cost per patient in large and financially draining, ineffective private medical offices. We provide a modern, dynamic environment at each location with a professional support team and needed technology infrastructure.
We are building private, secure room(s) equipped to facilitate a patient to provider connections, provider to patient, provider to provider and three-way with providers and patient. We believe that telemedicine alone is a highly limited application of a valuable technology. We couple our telemedicine portal with an EHR that has a patient’s medical record instantly available to the treating or consulting physician. This ensures that the patient is receiving care based on their most current medical care plan and history, not just relying on patient memory.
We provide support staffing, medical billing and collection, assistance with credentialing, managed care contracting, group referrals, networking opportunities, practice branding and financial support services. Additionally, we will also be providing access to portable x-ray, EKG/ECG, ultrasound and other needed equipment, along with certified technicians.
We designed CWC for a multi-need situation! With our experience, we recognize that a physician may want to rotate through different locations based on their patient demographics, and be able to see more patients by having additional offices locations.  This allows providers to staff an ARNP or PA working remotely under their supervision. This is entirely possible in the CWC model and provides an immediate and cost-effective way to expand a practice.
We are building physician practice offices to allow physicians to do what they are trained to do “practice medicine” and leave the management of the business and associated headaches to us. Our business model calls for buying or building the facility because we do not want to have a landlord that may change terms or conditions year-to-year; most importantly, we want to provide an investor with true assets and not just lease agreements. Our on-site Facility Director can make decisions on the spot to reduce friction and improve operations.

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