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CareWork Clinics is making strides in healthcare towards building a new model for both the care of patients and the practice of wellness. For decades, we have all witnessed a model for care that is fragmented, disjointed and lacks both communication and empathy.

Are you tired of walking down a long, dimly lit corridor with offices having the same institutional sterile waiting rooms, and an experience that has not changed in 50 years? At CareWork Clinics, we choose to see the world and the care of patients in a new light of collaboration; a light that goes above and beyond the “standard” procedure and concentrates on outcomes that helps providers treat the mind, body and spirit of their patient. We see everyone in our Clinics as our guests, and you will be treated like you have never been treated in a clinical environment before. Come and experience a new, unique approach on healthcare and discover the ways CareWork Clinics can streamline facilities for a better tomorrow!

We bring decades of experience

In construction that is a central and critical element for all of our projects.

In managing organizations in geographically and socially diverse communities across the State of Florida collectively managing the care of tens of thousands of patients; all operated with a few hundred employees and thousands of providers.

In managing medical centers and physician practices that brought to the environment of where and how care was given.

our mission

CareWork Clinics, Inc. is a vertically integrated developer, designer, manager and owner of freestanding medical, ancillary and wellness facilities in Florida to serve the evolving needs of Community-Based Healthcare by providing office and patient examination rooms to physicians to provide care to their patients in an environment of peace and tranquility where the entire person; mind, body and spirit, can find healing.

What We Do

At CareWork Clinics, we bring decades of combined experience in building construction

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What We Offer

At CareWork Clinics, we provide caregivers with a new way to treat their patients

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Our Mission

CareWork Clinics has been formed to meet the growing demand of primary care providers in both traditional

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